Friday, April 24, 2015

Jajarkot flu cases ‘recede’ Situation under control, says chief secy

JAJARKOT, APR 24 - The number of influenza patients in Jajarkot has receded as health services were intensified in affected villages, the District Public Health Office (DPHO) said. DPHO chief Dhir Jung Shah said the epidemic that broke out four weeks ago is gradually coming under control and no death was reported on Thursday. Health workers said scores of patients have been treated in the most affected villages of Talegaun and Archhani as they started door-to-door campaigns. Dr Krishna Gopal Maharjan told the Post that a medical team treated more than 300 patients in Talegaun-7, 8 and 9 on Thursday alone. Likewise, a Nepal Army medical team led by Dr Rajiv Mahaseth has been organising health camps in Archhani-6, 7, 8 and 9. Bal Bahadur Shahi, a local resident, said villagers were benefited as the military health workers set up camps at easily accessible locations.
Similarly, health workers mobilised at Ghartigaun and Jiri settlements in Nayakbada VDC said they also provided health services to a large number of local residents. According to Shah, a number of VDCs, including Dhime, Sakla, Dashera, Paink, Majkot and Rokayagaun, have also witnessed a decrease in the number of patients. DPHO officials said more than 200 health workers, including 36 doctors, mobilised across the district to contain the epidemic have provided treatment to around 6,000 patients so far. Most of these health workers are from Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Bir Hospital, Patan Hospital, Jajarkot District Hospital, World Health Organisation and Nepalgunj Medical College. Meanwhile, the government authorities said that cases of H1N1 influenza in the district are decreasing. According to a press statement released by the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD), 573 of the total 8,255 patients treated so far had flu like symptoms. “The cases of influenza have drastically decreased. Only seven percent of the people visiting health centres are now exhibiting symptoms of influenza,” EDCD Director Dr Baburam Marasini said.

Situation under control, says chief secy
Chief Secretary Leela Mani Paudyal has said the situation in influenza-hit Jajarkot district “is under control”. Paudyal, who reached Jajarkot on Thursday along with Health Secretary Shanta Bahadur Shrestha and four medical doctors to take stock of the situation there, said 30 medical doctors are working in the district while four more arrived from Nepalgunj on Thursday. “A total of 240 health workers are being mobilised along with 180 volunteers in the district on daily basis,” said Poudyal, adding that four help desks have been established and more will be set up if needed. A total of 30 medical camps have been set up in the 18 VDCs of Jajarkot.  Paudyal said no cases were reported on Thursday in the three most affected VDCs where three medical camps were set up.”There is a low turnout of patients in some villages,” he said.
Of the 48 samples sent to National Public Health Laboratory in the Capital from the district, 15 were tested positive for swine-flu. The local health officials have collected the throat swab and saliva samples from over 900 people but only 3 percent were detected positive for the flu. “Three patients detected with flu were admitted to the local hospital on Thursday,” he said.